Humans of Gestalt

An experiment in Dialogue
coordinated by Heather Anne Keyes.

Who are we? What are we doing? How has doing what we do shaped who we are?

Born of an interest in preserving the lived experience of being with our colleagues, mentors and friends in Gestalt, as well as a deep curiosity about those we have not yet met, we would like to invite the international Gestalt community to get to know each other better through this experimental series of informal documentary and personal interviews.

We want to speak with individuals from any level of experience, location and background about what Gestalt is for you and who you are in Gestalt. We are happy to have the conversation with you individually, or to facilitate meetings between pairs, trios or quartets. We are working in English, Polish, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak and welcome collaborators in other languages as the project grows.

How does this work? What does it imply for you?

Not much- you don´t need to prepare anything, just email us to set up a meeting time, and we will email you a link to speak via ZOOM for a 60-90 min session. We will ask you some questions and see what emerges from there. The conversations will be recorded, and the material made available on our website for interested members of the public and for Gestalt researchers. They will eventually be transcribed and translated.

That´s it-very simple. And at the same time, we are excited about the possibilities a “simple” encounter offers for presence, experience, spontaneity and dialogical embodied relation to work their Gestalt magic.

Conditions of Participation in “Humans of Gestalt

By participating in the recorded interview, you give your consent for the publication and distribution of the content (audio and transcription, visual and still image) by the channel managers for purposes related to the project. You can ask for your interview to be removed it its totality from public viewing at any time and the team will comply within 24 hours of acknowledging your request in writing. Guidelines for participation will be verbally expressed to you as a participant prior to beginning the interview, and you will be given a preview of the recording prior to its publication. Published interviews are searchable to the public. We do not guarantee the safe/encrypted storage of the video files, as they are of the public domain. We will not share your contact information or personal data with any third parties. Your name will appear on the video title. We reserve the interviewers´ right to terminate the interview process at any time and recognize that consent from both/all parties is required for publication. Disclaimer- the content of the interviews reflects the perspective of the interview subject, not the position of the researchers or the project.